FITME is proud to present the first line of sportswear that can truly be called eco-sport haute couture.
The goal is to design a line of sportswear for women using 100% regenerated, bio-based or biodegradable fabrics.
In turn, this also makes the company’s production processes more sustainable, helping to reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere (-45%) and cut down on water consumption (-39%).
These clothes are made using an environment-friendly approach and pack a superb technical performance, letting you focus on enjoying your favourite sport with a totally new sensation.
FITME can’t wait to share its vision of the future of eco-sport with you and will be keeping you up-to-date on its social networks with regard to its latest lines and ideas about wellness for you to wear.


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EVO®️ is a fabric made from the castor-oil plant – a non-edible plant that grows spontaneously. A sustainable resource, which needs very little water and does not take up land that can be used to grow food.
Due to its ultralight, super stretchy, highly perspirant characteristics, EVO®️ by Fulgar is extremely versatile and ideal for sportswear. It dries quickly, it doesn't crease, providing natural thermic and bacteriostatic benefits, maximum comfort and excellent performance, while respecting the environment.
Fulgar is developing new technologies for EVO colouring processes aimed at optimizing new dyeing combinations.

ECONYL®️ is more than a fibre. It represents a new philosophy, a way of blending the unstoppable urge for innovation with the Company's core mission of protecting the environment. ECONYL®️ regenerative process turns waste into a new opportunity, giving another life to materials to be used in fashion and interior design.
Old nylon wastage coming from fish nets and textile manufacturing excesses, usually destined to landfills, are recycled and regenerated so as to bear the same characteristics of brand new nylon fibres.

Q-NOVA®️ is an eco-friendly fibre that allows for sustainable manufacturing processes by reducing both CO2 emissions and use of water resources. Q-NOVA®️ is made of regenerated materials through a mechanical process that eliminates the use of chemicals, making the final product highly sustainable.
With several functional and aesthetics benefits, this fabric is extremely light; allows good perspiration, keeping the body fresh and dry; guarantees lasting, vivid colours thanks to the dyeing process, a quality equal to that of virgin polyamide.

'You should pray for a healthy mind in a healthy body' is what Latin poet Juvenal wrote in the 1st century AD. Answering to his appeal in the XXI century, sensitive to the current state of the planet, Fitme goes further providing the opportunity for a healthy body in 'healthy' clothes.